Walk Through The Web Wednesday 2/23

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Wednesday Furiends!
I hope things have gone well in your neck of the woods this week. We don’t have much to report from our neck of the woods except that the temperatures have been in the single digits. I’m not sure but I’m getting the feeling that The Human has had enough of this weather if her Facebook post from the other day is any indication. We had to remind her that she doesn’t like the heat,, the desert or snakes!

We all got together and discussed what sort of photos we should post in this week’s segment. The Human said she wanted us to do something different and try some of the photo apps she has. She told us to think creative, fantasy and fun. This was my suggestion:

My harrowing career as a small plane pilot.

Much to my surprise, everyone nixed this photo, how rude, just look how dashing I am. The Human decided that she wanted us to have more dignified portraits so here are the results. What do you think (I still like my pilot picture best!)

“Even though The Human calls me her little princess, I felt that an oil painting of me as a queen was much more appropriate!” (Lily)

“I fancy myself as an old style country gentleman wandering an English garden and captured in a water color painting. I say there old chap, I’m looking pretty good! (Oliver)

“If I can’t be a daring aviator, then I’ll be a top cat gentleman, hanging out at my private club (which means Lily and Oliver cannot be members) and discussing world issues with other refined felines.” (Alberto)

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our imaginations and that you’ll enjoy this week’s feline news.

Hugging and Hungry, Adorable Cats Are Hand-Carved as Miniature Sculptures

Meowza, there are artists and then there are artists and this artist, Japanese sculptor Sakura Hanafusa knows felines!  I love the whimsy in the carvings and ow Hanafusa captures the essence of our feline purrsonalities.

Hanafusa whittles camphor and then adds details with oil paint. All the feline models are inspired by the pets of family and friends. If you like these carvings as much as I do you can view more of Hanafusa’s work, visit the artist’s website and Instagram. (via Supersonic Art)Me-ouch! Firefighters free frantic feline from toilet

Me-ouch! Firefighters free frantic feline from toilet

Oh my whiskers this kitty certainly got himself into a pickle. Thank heaven there are kind firefighters who will come to the rescue of a cat in need.

Two paws up to Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue, Station 53 in Oregon, who extricated this feline stuck in a toilet bowl. They were called after his human’s efforts to get him out didn’t work.  

Now if you are wondering like I did, how in the heck did Dutch get into this purrdicament, it seems he went for a little drink and then got his back leg stuck.

Dutch was saved by the firefighters and suffered only a minor sprain. Dear furiends, try not to drink out of the toilet!

This Man Designed A Purrfect House For His 20-Plus Rescue Cats

The Human likes to keep things tidy at our house and works hard to keep the décor nice. I know she would have never considered turning over our house for the convenience of the felines but seeing what a great job this human did, maybe we can get her to change her mind. Peter, the founder of the ZenByCat organization, and the builder of this wonderful cat paradise executed his life’s dream: living in harmony with his felines by creating a purrfect environment for them.

And that’s no mean feat when you live with 20 cats! It all started with Miss Bean, a kitten Peter adopted in, 2016.  Miss Bean. When Miss Bean was diagnosed with FIP he did everything he could and that included in getting her in a drug trial at UC Davis. Despite the care and love she received, Miss Been crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July of 2016. Since then, Peter has dedicated his home and his life to helping his cats live their best lives.

In honor of Miss Bean and all FIP cats, Zen By Cat was set up as a nonprofit to raise money and awareness for FIP research. Since 2016, Dr. Pederson and others at UC Davis, have made great strides in their research and have successfully cured many cats from FIP, including Peter’s cat Smokey. But there is still much work to be done to bring the drug that saved Smokey and others to market. If you care about curing this disease, you can donate to the work of these doctors at UC Davis through the Bria Fund which is associated with the Every Cat Health Foundation.

Japan feline research institute turns to bio-logging to analyze cats’ behavior

And speaking of cats and research, Catlog, a research institute that collects and analyzes data worked to measure information (sleeping time in aging cats, etc.)  by wearable devices attached to collars to assist in cat care.

The institute says, “By studying the ecology and habits of cats, we hope that we can detect abnormalities and symptoms early on, and use that for the heathy life for felines.”

Yukiko Iyo, a 41-year-old cat lover in Shibuya Ward, studied bio-logging which is a method to investigate the ecology of wild animals by attaching small measuring instruments such as GPS devices on them — at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Graduate School. She used that experience to set up institute operator Rabo Inc. on Cat Day in 2018.

Data is collected using the wearable device “Catlog,” developed by Iyo and others. It records and gathers information on seven types of behavior including walking, running, eating and sleeping. The data is then sent to owners via a smartphone app, and they can watch over their felines even when they’re not at home.

There is a also device that can be laid under the litter box to monitor feline litterbox habits, called “Catlog Board”. To date, a total of about 3.8 billion pieces of cat data has been gathered and analyzed.

Iyo states that their devices are successful when other similar ones have failed because, “Each cat has its own personality, and it is hard to judge even something as simple as a posture they take when drinking water. We are the only ones in the world to identify and collect this much data, which makes even researchers envious.”

The Catlog research institute was established in November 2021 with the aim of utilizing data gathered by Rabo Inc. to enhance the lives of felines through educating their humans. The first report, supervised by employee and veterinarian Atsushi Ogawa, 38, was released on the company’s website.

This kind of data helps you humans learn more about how to care for our health and understand our behavior because we’re complicated creatures!

Super-smart cat swings on handle to open door and let his friends in

Who needs to get a human’s attention to let you in the house if you have skills like this feline? When Silvestro wants in (or wants to invite his friends in) all he has to do is open the door himself.

Silvestro, who lives in Italy has had his adventures documented on Tiktok by his human Antonio Bosco, , who shares his country home with his mother and 25 cats. All of the cats are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and see their vet regularly.

Silvestro the smart cat is also the undisputed leader and protector of this clowder and he will even defend his cat family if the neighbor cats try to fight them.  

Silvestro’s  human explains that the feline is very loving and in tune with his humans. Bosco says, ‘He is very observant and notices immediately if something is not right with you. He honestly feels at times like a best friend with who you can confide. ‘My mother in particular speaks a lot to our cats and Silvestro listens and speaks back. I doubt they understand each other perfectly but it’s the communication effort that matters!”

The house has two kitchens – one of them just for the cats. It has a heater for the cold winter months and 14 cushions so they can all snuggle up together.

I like Silvestro’s idea of inviting his friends to his house. I wonder what The Human would think about that!

18 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday 2/23

  1. Love those portraits! I do think you look good as a pilot, Alberto! Yup.fur sure.

    Kitty in the toilet?? Whoopsie! Good thing he got un-flushed, LOL!
    Those kitty sculptures are darling:)
    I would LOVE to live in that catified house! Wow, it looks better than my ordinary uncatified den…

    That research is a great idea. Its sort of like a fit bit app for kitties.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Silvestro is a clever kitty. I feel bad for the poor kitty that fell into a toilet. I love all the art you made, very classy and cool. XO


  3. We really enjoyed seeing your imaginative portraits, Alberto, Oliver, and Lily!

    Those carvings by Hanafusa are cute, and the detail is amazing. And we love that seriously catified house!

    We once had a cat at the shelter who could open doors like that. His name was Splash. What’s more, he also figured out how to trip the latch on his cage. We figured it out because the morning crew kept finding Splash and another cat named Bo — from the room across the hall — wandering around the shelter when they arrived. It turns out Splash would open his own cage, hang on the doorknob in his room to open the door, go across the hall and hang on that doorknob to open that door, and then open Bo’s cage. The crazy thing is that these cats did not know each other before then. But it was always just the two of them out in the morning. BFFs for life! They were eventually adopted together, into a house that does NOT have handle-type doorknobs. 🙂

    Stay warm, friends. Spring is (eventually) coming! XO


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