Walk Through The Web Wednesday 1/19

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Oh my whiskers, it’s Wednesday already, boy did the last week fly by! Now that doesn’t mean that we were busy, well let me correct that, The Human was busy but we felines were a bit bored and that is how this conversation got started. Since we were bored, we had our purrsonal assistant make this a cartoon.

“Sigh, I’m so bored Ollie.”

“I hear ya’ Al but what can we do? Oh wait, I have a great idea.”

“Everyone knows I’m a cat with beautiful markings. Why, the heart
over my eye has already made me an internet sensation! Maybe
we should feature my other beautiful markings too.”
“Check out my back and note the black markings on my ears.”

“And then there’s the nice white paw and black paw. I think this would make
a purrfect feature for this post. What do you think? Al, Al, ALBERTO!”
“Fine! Ignore me but when this week’s post is a bomb just remember that I
could have saved you. Sheesh, what an ingrate!”
“Clearly some felines in this house need to get over themselves.”

Well furiends, I apologize for Oliver’s attempted coup to take over my Wednesday post. Here are this week’s feline related news items, I hope you enjoy them!

Cat Missing 8 Months Reunites with Family After Owner Recognizes Pet’s Meow During Phone Call

This one’s for any of you humans who don’t believe in the human/animal bond. On January 11 Rachel Lawrence was on the phone with her vet regarding an issue with her cat Toryi. While she was on the phone, she heard a meow in the background.

She thought that meow sounded familiar and asked the vet if that was Toryi. The vet said no, it’s a stray that someone brought into the practice.

After the call ended, Rachel couldn’t get that meow out of her mind. She  wondered if it could be her cat Barnaby who had been missing for eight months. After three hours when she was still thinking about it she called the vet back and asked if the stray was black with a white patch on his back foot. When the vet said “yes” she couldn’t believe it.

She went to the vet and confirmed that the cat was indeed Barnaby. They had a joyous reunion.

Barnaby is now back at home being showered with love, treats and affection. She knew Barnaby so well that she could recognize him by his meow, now that’s a human/feline connection! My favorite kind of happy ending!

Singing waiter-robot with cat’s face being tested in Polish restaurants

Okay, I’m scratching my head but this one was just too weird not to report on.

A multilingual, singing waiter-robot with the face of a cat is being tested out in restaurants in and around Poznań, Poland with success.  .

Named BellaBot, or Bella to its friends, the black and white robot waits for visitors at the entrance alongside a (live) waiter or waitress, greets the guests and escorts them to their table, then delivers their ordered dishes.

Inquiring minds like the mind of this feline may be asking, “why a cat face?” but sadly I found no answer to this in the article although it did say children love to scratch the cat’s ears.

And just when I think you humans can’t get wackier, you create the BellaBot.

This Cat Insists on Crashing His Dad’s Auditions

Well, we felines have made great strides in interrupting our humans’ video chats and zoom meetings but as exhibited by this loving kitty, we’ve only just begun.

Japanese design company combines human bed and cat tower, proves felines are who runs the home

Admit it humans, it’s our home and you only live in it and, with that in mind it’s time for a bed that accommodates felines!

So it stands to reason that any piece of furniture in your home should take your cat’s desires into consideration, with your human needs having, at most, secondary importance. That includes your bed, and here with a way to bring it more in line with proper priorities is Tokyo-based interior company Dinos.

Called the Bed with Cat Step, the design from Tolyo-based interior company Dinos resembles a canopy bed, with tall posts at each corner. The footboard, though, is outfitted with ledges that lead upward all the way to the top of the frame, with a coupe of round windows on the way, for felines to climb and play on.

The Bed with Cat Step is available in both single and semi-double sizes, measuring 99 and 124 centimeters (39 and 48.8 inches) respectively, and the top of the frame is 184.6 centimeters off the floor. If you’re wondering whether it’ll work with your cat’s size, each of the steps is 31 centimeters tall, and the round openings are 24 centimeters in diameter. The single-size frame is priced at 352,000 yen (US$3,060) and the semi-double at 418,000 yen (packages that include a mattress are 352,000 and 467,280 yen). The bed is available through the Dinos online shop.

Feline sneaky! Owners share photos of their cleverly camouflaged cats hiding in gardens, restaurants and bedrooms – so, how many can YOU spot?

If you enjoy spotting covert felines, the Twitter account ‘There is no cat in this image’, which uses the handle @Thereisnocat_, is the place for you.

Some cats are much easier to spot than others but it’s still a fun game. Click on the link to see some samples and try to find the felines. At the bottom of the page they do give you the answers.

17 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday 1/19

  1. Interesting, for sure! Clearly we miss a lot going on in the world. Thanks for catching us up! The Polish Cat Waiter is a lot nicer than the bit we saw on the news about them trying out those robots at some restaurants down in Florida. The Florida robots weren’t as good looking and they were kinda faceless and a little dirty. Ick. Florida needs to see the Polish Cat Waiter. We hope you had an excellent Wednesday!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very cool, the polish cat waiter is the first robot like that we’d heard about. If Florida wasn’t so far from our neck of the woods we’d check those out,. Someone should tell the folks in Florida to put a cat face on their robots!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love all the artwork. Kitties are so precious.

    I love that bed. That’s most clever and I like the singing cat in the restaurant too. Brilliant.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. Scritches to the kitties and my best to their mom. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh! WE want a bed and cat tower combo. Super cool! And Simon, we think your cartoons were great.

    We especially loved the story about the lost cat’s meow being recognized by its owners.

    Liked by 1 person

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