Walk Through The Web Wednesday 6/15

Hello Furiends,
How are things in your neck of the woods? The Human has decided not to take anything seriously this week and has turned all our photos into cartoons. While I am a feline with a good sense of humor, I do think she’s carried things a bit too far. I will let you all decide if we need a cartoon intervention.

“Yes, it’s me Oliver with my best cartoon face judgy look.”
“You may be judgy Oliver but I am Queen Lily, ruler of all I survey.”
“I must conquer that demon brush and save the household.” -Oliver

As for me and what I think of this cartoon craziness? They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well enough with this silliness, let’s get on with this week’s web wanderings.

Cats in love reunited soon after sep­a­ration

A human in North Carolina created a very nice catio for her cat Patches. It had everything a cat could want, sleeping areas, a beautiful view and even a water fountain.

A few years ago Patches’ catio was invaded, not by a bad guy but by a feline named Jack. They would hang out all day, go  for walks to the lake together and spend all their time developing their friendship.

This relationship was going so well but then Jack’s human, Jill Roberts, said they were moving to Maine. Patches’ human made a very hard decision and decided that these two felines shouldn’t be separated and so she gave him up so he could live with Jack’s family.

Jack, Patches and their human then moved to an AirBnb in the area for a few weeks as all was readied for their move to Maine. And then, one day tragedy happened.

Patches and Jack were playing together and they fell out of the screened-in window. Patches was confused and ran away, leaving Jack alone.

Jack slept on Patches’ bed for days, mourning the loss of his buddy. Thank goodness Patches former human and Jack’s human did not give up looking for Patches. They hired a company with k-9s who locate lost cats and also put signs around a nearby campus where Patches had last been seen.  

A campus police officer found Patches on his patrol and coaxed her out from under a house where she was hiding. Now this is all wonderful but, Jack and his human had already moved to Maine.         

Paws Up award by FelineOpines.net for humans who do amazing things for cats

But don’t worry dear readers. Jack and Patches were reunite on Zoom and will soon be reunited in purrson. Patches former human will drop her off at Jack’s house and they will be together again.

Oh how I love a love story with a happy ending! And what about Patches’ former human? I say she deserves a Paws Up award!     

Man slept in couple’s bed, stole cats during their vacation

All I have to say is, “What is wrong with you humans??!!” Last week I reported about a cat-napper and now this week I find another story. This one is really wild. A Pennsylvania man is accused of breaking into a couple’s apartment, sleeping in their bed and stealing their two cats.

Austin Shaffer, 21, is charged with two felony counts of burglary and criminal trespassing, along with multiple theft misdemeanors.

According to the Portage Borough Police Department, the couple called authorities after they returned from vacation on May 26 and discovered that someone had broken into their apartment, WJAC reported. The front door was tampered with, blankets from the bedroom were on the floor and the two cats were missing.

Multiple witnesses told police that they heard and saw Shaffer break into the apartment and, when he was questioned by police, Shaffer said he went into the apartment to avoid bad weather as he was homeless. Then he told the police that he thought the cats were abandoned. Yeah, right.

Now the biggest question we have is, were the cats found and are they home again? We had our Purrsonal Assistant purruse the web in every nook and cranny and could not find out any information about the cat-napped kitties. We sure hope they are home and okay. If any of my readers know, meow about it and let us know.

England’s Accidental Cat Pub

The Bag of Nails pub is not your run of the mill drinking establishment. You may see cats sleeping in the window and you definitely will see a big sign that says no dogs are allowed due to pub kittens in training.

Once inside you will meet the resident felines walking across the bar or sitting on a bench. This pub is located by the Floating Harour in Bristol, England. The owner, Luke Daniels is always very specific that this is a pub with cats, not a cat pub (I guess so as not to be confused with cat cafes but hey, we love cat cafes too).

The 15 cats of the pub, mostly of the Tabby purrsuasion, were all born in the pub and are all descendants of Malcolm, a British short-haired silver tabby and a black female named Beresford. Malcolm is nine years old. Daniels adopted him the week he took over the pub in 2011 and says that at one stage, there were 24 cats and things got a bit crazy. He had to adopt a number of them out to bring the tribe number to 15, all spayed and neutered to avoid another feline population explosion.

Daniels is somewhat mollified that the pub is more famous for the cats than the beer. Someone said that this pub is purrfect for those who like whiskers and whiskey (that would be a great name for another cat pub!)

COVID made it very hard for the pub as it had barely any income but plenty of bills. In April he had to resort to crowd funding to keep himself and his felines going. He was shocked at how the public rallied, raising more than 20,000 GBP (a little over $28,167.00 USD)  in only a few days. He was able to pay the rent for the first time in a year, feed the cats and pay their vet bills.

Now the Bag of Nails is open again and felines are ready for visitors. We know our human would high tail it over to Bristol if she travels back to England.


Oh my whiskers! When Oliver saw this he immediately ordered The Human to order one. The problem is that we don’t go outside unattended so it would be a waste of money at our house.

Still, we felines are used to food delivery, kitty bathroom clean up, drinks served whenever we need them so why shouldn’t we have an elevator?

This smart elevator senses an infrared device and then locks the door when the feline is in the elevator. I’m guessing that the cat wears something on it’s collar to identify it to the elevator. If not, I can only imagine what would be appearing at the top of that elevator. In our neck of the woods it would probably be a trash panda or a skunk!

Rare vintage photos of celebrities with cats

I always love hearing about famous people who love cats and like finding photos of famous people with cats. Here is a blast from the past with some old Hollywood icons and felines. I especially like the photo above because everything thinks of Judy Garland with a dog!

16 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday 6/15

  1. Love the stories and especially the cat elevator. Why not. The cat burglar is a hot mess.

    I don’t’ think mom needs an intervention. She put a tiara on you and that’s brilliant.

    Have a purrfect day and rest of the week. My best to your mom. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeh, that guy who stole the cats looks like a real animal…lover ??

    The story of Jack and Patches was bittersweet. It’s so good that they are going to be reunited, but how brave of the humans to give up their kitty so he could be with his friend. Now there is a real animal lover.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We think those cartoons are sort of fun, Alberto. Especially the one where you let your thoughts be known. 🙂

    We loved the happy ending of the story about Patches and Jack. As for the dud who stole the cats, I hope there is a happy ending there. I can’t even imagine.

    Judy Garland and a cat. You’re so right … I always picture here with Toto. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, you must comb the interwebs very thoroughly!

    Someone should put the cat thief into a den of lions…that will teach him not to mess with other peep’s cats.
    I loved the story about the pub, and the one about Jack and Patches.That is just too sweet:)

    Your cartoons turned out well.esp Alberto and his raspberry, LOL!

    Liked by 2 people

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