Walk Through The Web Wednesday 5/26

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Wednesday Furriends,
I would like to tell you that all sort of exciting things have been happening in our neck of the woods but that would be a lie. Things are fairly boring and the BIG D-I-E-T situation is still ongoing. The Human did get our upstairs deck ready for sunning so now all we need is some sun. She also got our pond and waterfall working and we like to watch the birds and animals that hang out down there. I like the pretty pink flowers that drop into the water but The Human doesn’t like them at all and grouses loudly when she’s down there cleaning them out with the net.

“Oooh look guys, wouldn’t it be fun if The Human let us go down there and swat at the water?”

Oliver is still railing against the injustices of the D-I-E-T. As exhausting as it is for him to jump on the dryer to see if my kibble bowl has anything in it (He keeps forgetting that the bowls are removed when breakfast is done) he will make the leap. This morning he thought he’d be able to charm The Human out of a second serving-it didn’t work.

As for me, I am becoming quite a fan of my evening Cat TV. I am quite fond of the birdbath video.

“What a pretty birdie!”
“He’s watching birds take a bath. Doesn’t that make him a purrvert?!”

I choose not to respond to Lily’s baseless and inflammatory accusations and suggest we move on to this week’s news.

Feline sound from mobile phone helps rescue stranded kitten

There are many good humans in the world and this is the story of some in Istanbul, Turkey. The residents of a building heard a cat cry and notified the fire department. They came out but were unable to get the cat out of the 15-meter hole between two walls where he’d fallen.

The residents refused to give up. They stretched a plastic pipe between the walls but this didn’t entice the kitten to come out.  Someone then decided to play a video from their phone that had the sound of cats meowing.

The little guy was drawn by the sounds of his people and climbed up through the plastic pipe they’d put there to get him out and got close enough for someone to grab him.

He was named Sütlaç, which means rice pudding in Turkish, and was adopted by one of the residents in the neighborhood. Sütlaç, received a clean bill of health from the vet.

Paws up to these creative and determined humans!

Man Sells ‘89 Toyota Supra to Pay for Cat’s Medical Fees

This guy is a true cat daddy. A man from Osaka, Japan sold his beloved 1989 Toyota Supra so he would be able to afford treatment for his cat, Silk.

SoraNews reported that Leiz listed the Supra on the Yahoo! Japan Auction page earlier this month. He knew that the going rate for a car with 168,000 km mileage and some cosmetic damage usually was around 1.35 million yen ($12,400 USD) He knew this but listed his car at twice the amount and noted the reason in the ad, he included the sentimental aspect of the car and that this was the exact amount he needed for his cat’s medical expenses.

Silk had been diagnosed with a potentially fatal viral disease, Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), with rapid progress, and he needed immediate medical intervention. The buyer of the car was also a cat lover and said he would buy the car, restore it and keep it in a climate controlled garage until Leiz could afford to buy it back from him. The buyer added that when Leitz bought the car back it would be for the price he’d paid for it and not a penny more. Then he added an extra 100,000 yen ($920.00) for silks medical costs. I sent our Purrsonal Assistant on a merry chase through the internet to see how Silk is doing but she couldn’t find any information. If any of my readers know, please meow at us with an update. .

Feline Friends Meet the Cats of CATS

Well it was only a matter of time until we felines would be watching the famous T.S. Elliot story recently made for the screen.  After watching this video, I’m not so sure I’m in any hurry to watch the movie. I think I’ll stick to my bathing bird videos!

Cat Owners and Their Felines Can Now Get Matching Hoodies so Everyone Knows They’re Best Friends

These hoodies are from, Cat Person  a cat care company dedicated to strengthening the bond between humans and their felines through their products. Now I admire any person or company that promotes the human/animal bond but when it comes to getting me into a hoodie (or any other clothes for that matter) , you can file that under “F” for Fat Chance!

Someone put an AirTag on a cat and it worked about as well as you’d expect

The Human read about these devices and thought, “Oh, what a great idea for keeping track of cats when they’re lost!” Well, seems like purrhaps it’s not such a good idea after all.

The Apple Air Tag is designed as a tracking device for many different things. With the “Find My App” feature almost anything can be tracked . Of course it was only a matter of time until someone decided to try it on their cat. Here’s how it went:

First the size is a bit big for the average feline. The cat had a bit of a challenge getting to her food with the Air Tag on. The tracking also seemed to be a little off when following the cat. Add to this the fact that cats should be wearing safety collars and it seems like many Air Tags will end up somewhere on the ground. Apple has also noted that this device might not work so well for cats as cats move so much, making it more difficult for the AirTag to provide an exact location.

15 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday 5/26

  1. Sounds like your human has been busy. I wish I could give you some food- diets are not fun. I hope Silk survived, such a sweet story.


  2. Beautiful pond.

    For some reason, no matter which device i use to read your news, at least some of the story is obscured by some of the photos. The posted photos are over the paragraphs.

    Anyway, i am glad for the rescued kitten and the story of the man raising funds to take care of his sick cat.

    Hope you have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. guyz…..wher ewe livez iz like de awesumest ever and that pond…..oh em cod…..speekin oh minnow; tell yur mom purrson ta put some koi in thoz waterz…they will keep that water fresh & kleen 🙂

    we N joyed thiz weekz storeez and we due hope silk iz oh kay ~ ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • We love your pond idea but The Human says no because she’s not going to let the trash pandas and the cranes use the pond as their purrsonal sushi bar!
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


  4. Your waterfall and pond are so idyllic! Darn those pink flower petals, though. Oliver, did that adorable pleading net you and kibbles? And Alberto … Ava loves those videos, too!

    That story about the kitten being saved via the feline sound on the mobile phone is great. What a great use of technology. And we loved the story of the man selling his car to save Silk. That’s just beautiful. We, too, hope Silk survived.

    Liked by 1 person

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