Heaven Has A New Resident

Hey there furiends,

It was a sad day today when we learned that our dear furiend Bear Cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Please keep his human, Momma Kat in your prayers. We’re praying that Tucker and Jasmine were there to greet him and show him all the amazing kitty places in Heaven💕

You can send your condolences to https://www.mommakatandherbearcat.com


18 thoughts on “Heaven Has A New Resident

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    • Hi!
      So sorry to read about your precious BearCat. I send out a ton of (virtual) hugs and may all the precious memories you have made be af a wee bit of comfort as you treasure them forever,
      I am making a memento/card for BearCat, but I need an email address to send it to you. Can you give it to me here, at my email?


      Or you can snag it from my next post when I do Sunday Selfies.


  2. This is the worst of it. I promise it does get better but grief has its own timetable. I so wish I could magically project you past this pain you’re feeling. All I can say for now is I understand. All our fur kids are special to us but when they’ve seen us through the worst events in our lives they become our rescuers too. To lose the ones who got us through those times leaves a hole that can never be filled. It will shrink and almost disappear but there will always be a part of our hearts that belong to them.

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