Walk Through The Web Wednesday 1/29

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
How was your week? It’s been rainy and to be honest, pretty boring. My brofur Oliver and I spent the week hanging out and being lazy.

“I’m bored Ollie”. Me too Al, there’s not even anything good on TV.

Lily and Tucker felt the same and, as you can see by Lily’s expression, boredom is definitely an issue!

Sigh, nothing new and exciting for a kitty to do!

The good news is that The Female Human got something in the mail for us that she assures us we will love (and will keep us busy). I had to snoopervise as she took the pieces out of the box. We will be writing a review very soon.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to put all these pieces together?” Following directions isn’t your strong suit!

But enough about us, here are my favorite finds as I wandered the web this weeek.

50 Cat Puns

This sign is on The Female Human’s desk. Needless to say, she’s a fan of cat puns.

Cat puns are fun….I have been known to use a few in my writing. For those of you humans who can’t think beyond the obvious ones (purrfect, Meowza, etc) here’s a list to help you out. (I’m going to ask for a meow-tini tonight!)

Groomer helps shelter cats put their best paw forward

Sometimes all a feline needs to find a furever home is a little pampering. Take Ella for instance. She arrived at the SOLAS [Support Our Local Animal Shelters] Rescue looking a bit worse for wear. Elsa had at least two litters of kittens before she was brought to the shelter. Then the owner of Club Meow , Melinda Brink decided to provide Elsa with free grooming to help her get adopted. She said they  gave Elsa five baths,  shaved her matted fur, cleaned her ears, and made her look like a princess.  Brink provides grooming for two to three cats in shelters or in rescue programs every month.

I love this idea because stray kitties need all the help they can get. So, pet groomers, how about donating some “fancying up time” at your local shelter?

Cats, Once YouTube Stars, Are Now an ‘Emerging Audience’

“I loved my iPad when I was a kitten.” – Alberto

Yes, cats still rule the internet. So much in fact that YouTube is featuring “films” specifically created for our feline purrleasure.  We have our own channels such as Little Kitty & Family, and Handsome Nature . There’s even an 8 hour “Bird Bonanza” film you can queue up and play for your housebound kitties so they are entertained until you get home from work.

There are animated videos that are like games too. When I was little I had my own iPad mini with a Kitty Game from Friskies.

Now lest you think I’m making all this up, Earnest Pettie, the Trends and Insights lead at YouTube, has noticed the trend too. So humans, enrich our environment and play those kitty focused videos!

How do cats know what time it is?

The Female Human has accused us of wearing watches but we felines don’t need to do that. We do keep track of time in our own way, though. We know when things usually happen (like meal time). Cat behaviorist Anita Kelsey says that like humans, cats have a sort of internal clock that keeps their waking and sleeping hours fairly regular. She told Metro.co.uk: ‘Cats are crepuscular, meaning that they are primarily active around dawn and dusk. This is evolutionary, meaning all cats instinctively and naturally do the same.’

We also use our internal cues like hunger and thirst to time some of the things we do. When the bedroom gets light in the morning, we know it’s time for breakfast!

So you can attempt to sleep in but be aware, we will know this is happening and we’ll probably judge you for it.  Change our habits and suffer the consequences!

Israel, the “Promised Land” for cats?

Israel has been referred to as “The Promised Land for Cats”. Scientists say that the modern cat came from cats first found in Efrat, in Eastern Israel near Jerusalem. This might explain the vast number of felines  in the city and the country. The Prime Minister of Israel created a Cat Ministry.

This story provides a glimpse of those who have lived and visited Israel and the bond that exists between felines and humans.

12 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday 1/29

  1. A spa day for a kitty could mean it gets adopted quickly…how smart!
    I simply gave Manny and Chili Bruce their brushies yesterday, and they seemed to be very happy about it, so a scared cat would probably enjoy the TLC.

    Liked by 1 person

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