Good Help Is Hard To Find

The Tribe and I are considering advertising for a new Purrsonal Assistant.

Hello Furiends,
Well, our Purrsonal Assistant FINALLY figured out how to get back the final and correct revision of my Walk Through The Web Wednesday post last week. Why it took her five days to get this done is beyond me. She keeps meowing about a holiday and a sinus infection-really? Does this human not understand the meaning of a deadline?

Sigh, if she wasn’t also the server and cleaner for The Tribe we might consider replacing her but then again, I would miss the morning snuggles and evening head scratches and snacks. I guess you could say she has job security,

9 thoughts on “Good Help Is Hard To Find

    • Thanks for the advice. We felines HATE the vacuum monster! She’s been threatening us with one of those round things that she doesn’t have to push. She showed us some cats riding them and The Tribe of Five is in the process of debating whether we will allow such a machine.
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


    • The Female Human was quite a pain during Thanksgiving. Meowing and complaining. She finally went to the vet, er, doctor today. Bacterial sinus infection and now has medications. We do feel bad for her but are also concerned that this new regime she is on will not effect the food and cleaning service. (I have to admit that it has been nice that she’s been doing less rushing around and more sofa time with us!)
      Purrs & Head Bonks,


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