It’s Raena Belle’s Birthday!




Hey there, our friends at Deziz; World are having a pawty for Raena Belle on her first Birthday.  We’re dressed up and ready to celebrate. Come join the birthday blog hop with us…’hope to see you there!
-The Tribe of Five

8 thoughts on “It’s Raena Belle’s Birthday!

  1. Fanky fank ya’ll so much fur mine’s bootyful Birthday card. And fur comin’ to mine’s big birthday celebration. These birthday’s are soooooo much fun. I’s think we should have one everyday. MOL Big huggies

    Luvs ya’

    Raena and Dezi

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    • Hi Dezi and Raena,
      The female human read your post to me last night. She’s excited about implementing your tips and working to integrate me back into the family. We are blessed to have smart and helpful friends like you!
      Love, Purrs and Head Bonks,

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