Jasmine Opines on Vaseline for Hairballs

Hello All,
Siamese cat dipping into Vaseline jarThere is something the humans do that I find disgusting, frightening and horrible and that’s when they squeeze a long, brown, sticky substance from a tube and then put it in our mouths.

None of the Tribe of Five can stand it and although we are not fond of hairballs, we’d rather hack up a hairball than go through this trauma. The icky stuff says on the tube that all the humans have to do is stick it on our paws and we’ll lick it off. Well, file that under “F” for fat chance! We can’t stand the smell and will run downstairs and hide under the big sofa until the humans give up.

The female human is very big on the concept of keeping us in a fear free environment and trust me, the torture of the dark sticky stuff is not fear free.

So, the human did some research about Vaseline  (petroleum jelly). Evidently it’s okay for felines to take for hair balls and, I love it because I get to administer it myself. You can watch my instructional video for felines and humans here.

The Tribe of Five gives the Vaseline method a “paws up” and, if your human is torturing you with the dark, nasty sticky stuff., just wander over to the nearest open jar of petroleum jelly and let them know you can take are of your own hairball issues!
Your friend,


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