The Felines Opine About…

The Felines Opine on Music

Hello Folks,
This is the human. The felines have allowed me to write the introduction to their piece on their first exposure to Music for Cats. Albert Schweitzer said, “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats” I would agree but would argue that we could go Albert one better…Music for Cats! Music for Cats is composed by musicians and verified by science. So, without further ado, I will turn the podium over to the felines to tell you about their experiences.

* Note, you may notice that Alberto has not weighed in on Music for Cats. He was busy batting the bluetooth speaker around the house, but he did tell me to let you know, he quite enjoyed it. 

Oliver Opines

Hello My Furry and Human Friends,
As you can see, I am utlimately qualified to talk about our first experience with Music for Cats  and the science behind it because I am a bit of a feline mewsician.

Our human placed a shiny red orb on the floor and the most amazing sounds came out of it. I couldn’t stop listening and didn’t want to move away from the source of the fascinating tunes that it emitted. 

My brother Alberto seemed to be more fascinated with the red orb but that’s just the way he rolls, and anyway, wer’re 9 month old kittens which means our attention spans are short, very short.

I can’t wait to hear more and will update later. Your kitten friend and Purresidential candidate.  


Lily Opines

Hello four and two-legged people,
Lily here. I am far more advanced in the social graces and my senses are more finely tuned as a 3-year old feline (you must take anything those kittens say with a grain of salt).

I heard a wonderful sound and watched the kittens (or, as they are known in our house, the “little guys”) hovering around the orb from which the music eminated.

I hunkered down on the glass wall and enjoyed the soothing sounds I heard. I have indicated to the humans that I definitely want to hear more of this!

Your friend,


Tucker Opines

Hello There, 
Tucker here. I am the 12-year old elder statesman and Alpha of our Feline Tribe of Five. I’m a fairly mellow guy as long as my world doesn’t change too much. 

You see, I have a slight vision issue which makes me a bit of a scaredy cat around objects our sounds that are unfamaliar. It’s rare that I would ever purr or relax in a new situation but I must say, the sounds sourrounding me were both soothing and pleasant and I couldn’t stop purring. 

Humans, take note, I would like some more of this very pleasant and soothing noise in my domain.

Respectfully, the Alpha,


Jasmine Opines

Hello to you all,
This is Jasmine, Tucker’s sister which means I’m 12 years old. I am a bit of a scardey cat myself since I was bullied by another feline and have retreated to the bedroom of the humans. (You can read my story here). The humans are making progress in their attempts to re-integrate me back into the household but I am still very fearful of new things in my safe environment.

When the femle human placed a little red thing on the floor I was a bit worried until the most amazing sounds emenated from it. I sat on my scratching post and just reveled in the music. I must say I am looking forward to hearing more!

the bedroom diva,