The Winners and the Loser

Alberto is FINALLY announcing our #RememberMeThursday winners. Each winner will receive our 3 Felines Opine books.

Our email address is And again, concatulations to our winners, Messy Mimis Meanderings and Meowmeowmans! Our Purrsonal Assistant will be sending you an email soon.

And if you’re wondering about that contest I entered, you can read about it here.

7 thoughts on “The Winners and the Loser

  1. We agree with cat9984, Alberto. You are not a loser! You may not have won that contest, but you certainly helped raise lots of money for that shelter, and that is a win, for sure!

    Ava is super excited about her gotcha story being chosen as a winner in your contest (so are we!). Thank you so much! We will send you an email and a photo soon.


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