Every year we purrticipate in the pawsome #RememberMeThursday event to support local shelters and adoptions.

Each of us came from our local shelter and so did our Angel kitties. I’m telling my adoption story this year and we want to hear YOUR adoption stories too!

Just meow about it in the comments and Oliver, Alberto and I will pick our two favorites.

We’ll send both winners our three Felines Opine books and will feature you on our blog telling your story like I did.

Don’t forget to celebrate your local shelter this Remember Me Thursday and to purrticipate in all the events.

11 thoughts on “#RememberMeThursday

  1. We enjoyed your adoption story, Lily. You’re a great storyteller! The three of you sure did find yourselves a wonderful and loving home.

    Here’s our Ava’s rescue story:

    Ava (formerly known as Theta) was first adopted from PAWS as a kitten. Sadly, the family who adopted her decided to get a dog, and this terrified poor Ava. From what we have been told, she hid in their attic for 9 months; they would leave food and water for her, but did not really give her much attention. (Nor did it ever occur to them that Ava was adopted first, and to take the dog back.) The people finally caught Ava and brought her back to PAWS, where we are longtime volunteers (I, Dad Kevin, have been volunteering for 24 years, and Mom Tracey for 18). Even with her sweet and gentle nature somehow intact, Ava was (very understandably) pretty skittish and shy when she came back. Of course, that meant she wasn’t exactly “showing well” to potential adopters — cowering in the back of her cage, shying away people she did not know, etc. But as WE got to re-know Ava, we started thinking that maybe she would fit into our family, and be a great little sister for our senior Gracie. We did not know for sure how this would work out, as it had not been very long since we lost Zoe, Gracie’s sister and littermate. But could it be that Angel Zoe was guiding the whole thing from the great beyond? It appeared so, because after one month with Ava here as a foster kitty, we all knew in our hearts that this is where she belongs. Sweet Gracie lived for almost two more years, when she passed away at the age of 20. But while she was still alive, she and young Ava — although many years apart in age — treated each other with respect and understanding. When Gracie passed away this past December, Ava definitely felt our sadness, and was out of sorts without her big sister around. But in the months that have followed, it has been amazing to watch Ava’s confidence grow. Whereas this used to be Gracie’s house, Ava now knows that this is her place, and that it is her job to take care of it and her mom and dad, too.


  2. We really enjoyed these adoption stories. All of us are rescues, though some of us just wandered up and got taken in and cared for, rather than being chosen from a shelter. We think this counts cause we chose where would be a good place for us.

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  3. That’s a great story!

    Our youngest cat, Link, also called Linker the Stinker, was born outdoors and his mama moved all the kittens but him when a rainstorm washed him into a drainage ditch. A lady was walking her dog and heard a kitten screaming and scrambled through the leaves until she found him, still with his umbilical cord attached.

    She ran him up to the shelter and i happened to be there. He was the tiniest kitten i’d ever seen, i figured he was the runt, but he had a set of lungs on him. We took him home and bottle raised him, then adopted him ourselves. He still thinks he’s a kitten at age 7, always into mischief and loves to rip ‘n run.

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