18 thoughts on “Day 3 State-Wide Stay At Home Order

  1. Meowser Alberto dear furiend, it looks like you’re a bit stressed over this quarantine thing… I’m having a wonderful time, except for not being able to go to the beach.

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    • The Tribe is getting a bit stir crazy. It’s still too snowy for the Human to set up our pop up catio. She did say though that she was going to get us a cat stroller and she doesn’t care how much the neighbors mock her.
      Purrs & Head Bonks,

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      • Alberto dear furiend, I’m surprised to learn you and the Tribe don’t have strolls wearing harnesses. We do that most evenings, though it is apparently unusual… About 4 years ago, when we began this family tradition, a police cruiser literally pulled over to the curb and asked my staff if they realized I was a cat! I have been suspicious of police officers since then, though do admire their ability to recognize that I’m a cat…. They didn’t mention Saphera was a dog…

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