Thank You❣️

Dear Furiends,

The Female Human asked me to pop in and say thank you for all your messages and condolences at the loss of our beloved Tucker. She’s struggling to get through them all without getting “leaky eyes” but she’ll be responding soon. And, of course I’ll be reporting on my regular Wednesday feature.

You all are very dear to us and The Tribe is giving our human extra purrs & head bonks.

21 thoughts on “Thank You❣️

  1. We love you all. Hugs and Purrs to you and your human. Please tell your female human not to worry about responding. Most of us have been in her situation and know how awful it is.


    • So sorry about Angel. The box for her ashes is beautiful. I too have a paw print of Tucker. His ashes (as well as my sweet Miss P.) are spread in the memorial rose garden at my vets. It gives me a place to go and remember happy times. Sending you love, hugs and prayers.


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